Dispositif de formation d'images

Image-forming device


An image-forming device for recording images on a dielectric surface (41) of an image-recording medium (10), in which the dielectric surface (41) is in contact, in an image-forming zone (90), with developing powder bound to a powder support (84) by a magnet system (87). The magnet system (87) comprises two oppositely magnetised areas (85, 88) separated by a gap and, as considered in the direction of transport of the image-recording medium (10), disposed consecutively. The distance between at least one of the magnetised areas (85, 88) and the surface of the powder support (84) is less than 150 µm and the distance between the same magnetised area (85, 88) and the surface of the image-recording medium (10) is less than 600 µm. This raises the background-free level while less magnetic material is required for the magnet system (87) than in comparable prior-art devices.




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