Apparat zum Lösen oder Dispergieren von Pulver in einer Flüssigkeit

Appareil de dissolution ou de dispersion d'un poudre dans un liquide

Apparatus for dissolving or dispersing different powder ingredients and additives, in a liquid


Apparatus for dissolving or dispersing powder products of different nature in a liquid It comprise a tank (1) to store the liquid, a tubular element (2), uprightly oriented, ending at its top in a funnel-shaped pattern (2a), and with its other end arranged, slidably socketed, in telescopic assembly, within a stiff sleeve (3) guided in its upper part and with its lower end in abutment against a tank draining aperture. Radial arms (6) integral with the part (2a) are supported on a float (7) coaxial to the tubular element (2) and a sector (2d) of said element (2) bears passing holes (9) so that the pierced tubular wall is slightly emerging above the liquid level and a most of it is submerged. Extending in the interior of said tubular element (2) cross walls (10) avoid swirling and means (17), (18) are provided to develop a closed circuit fluid flow by a forced sucking of the liquid from the tank through the sector (2d) with holes, and to impel it through a return duct toward the said tank with a passageway through disgregation and/or dispersion means.




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