Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Verschliessen einer Verpackung

Procédé et dispositif pour fermer un emballage

Method and apparatus for closing a packing


The invention relates to a method for closing a packing (4) consisting of two parts (2,3) by folding an edge (16) of the one packing part (3) in a continuous movement round a flange (15) of the other packing part (2) and pressing together the flange (15) and the edge (16). The invention further relates to an apparatus (1) for performing this method having a folding edge (14) divided into segments (9), wherein the segments (9) are movable in radial direction parallel to a pressure surface (8) of the closing apparatus (1) to a first closing position in which the flange (15) and the edge (16) are folded together and are movable therefrom transversely of the pressure surface (8) to a second closing position in which the flange (15) and the edge (16) are pressed together.




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