Appareil de séchage pour machines de développement automatique de film photographique ou similaire

Trocknereinheit für automatische Entwicklungsmaschine für fotographischen Film oder dergleichen

Drying unit for automatic machines for developing photographic films and the like


The drying unit has a closed containment body (1) provided with motorized rollers (8) for receiving film (6) and/or sheet films (6a) which are caused to advance by rollers (8) of a washing tank (3). In an upward position, the containment body (1) has further pairs of motorized rollers (8a-8g) which define two separate paths for both the continuous film (6) and the sheet films (6a). One path (8e,8f,8g) is directed towards a conventional rear outlet (7), and the other path (8d,13-13a) is directed toward an outlet (15) which is arranged at the front of the machine. A path redirection device (16) is positioned in the branching region of the two paths (8e-8g,8d,13-13a) and has a lamina (16) which is oscillatable, from a position which is aligned with one of the paths (8e,8f,8g) to the position which is aligned with the other path (8d,13-13a). The redirection device (16) thus allows the simultaneous exit of continuous film (6) and sheet films (6a) through the rear opening (7) or also the simultaneous exit of the film (6) through the rear outlet (7) and of the sheet films (6a) through the front outlet (15).




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