Dispositif pour la purification continue de liquides

Vorrichtung zur kontinuierlichen Reinigung von Flüssigkeiten

Apparatus for continuous purification of liquids


The apparatus for the continuous clarifying of liquids containing suspended solid substances comprises a flotation cell (1) with a liquid head height of less than 1 meter, with a ratio between the liquid head and the cell diameter comprised between 0.25 and 0.05. The cell (1) has a bottom axial inlet (2) for liquid to be clarified, supersaturated with gas, so as to generate an axial ascending current of the liquid to be clarified with radial divarication toward the surface of the liquid head. A framework (20) associated with the cell (1) rotates concentrically with respect thereto and supports a spillway unit (30-32) for collecting the flotated layer and a scraper unit (50-53) which affects all the wet surfaces of the cell (1). A discharge outlet (60) is furthermore provided in the lower part of the cell (1) for the outflow of clarified liquid which falls toward the bottom of the cell (1).




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