Pipe joint and pipe with pipe joint

Rohranschluss und Rohr mit einem Rohranschluss

Jonction de tuyaux et tuyau avec une jonction de tuyaux


The invention provides a pipe joint and a pipe with the pipe joint. The pipe joint has a coupling element (26) of the male and the female parts, and a contact surface (28) wherein the male and the female parts (22), (24) are contacted. Adjacent to the contact surface (28) a groove (30) which contains an O ring (32) is provided wherein the O ring (32) deforms regularly under hydraulic pressure by the effect of the contact surface (28) which leads to the enhancement of the sealing capacity of the joint. The groove (30) of the joint may be provided on one of the male and the female joints (22; 24). The material may be metal, plastic, and fiber reinforced plastic. A pipe with the pipe joint can be applicable to the purpose of the invention.




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