Retortable closure for plastic container

Fermeture pasteurisable pour récipient en matière plastique

Sterilisierbarer Verschluss für Kunststoffbehälter


There is disclosed a closure which permits the opening of a membrane sealed nutritional or pharmaceutical product container in a single action motion which also maintains a hermetic seal under retort conditions. This closure includes a generally cylindrical side wall (25) having threads along the inner surface thereof and retaining means for cooperative engagement with the lip (24) of a plastic container, and a top (30) having an annular rim portion (31) and a center portion (32), with the top having a lower surface attached to a heat-sealable barrier able to be secured to the plastic container, with the top also having a center portion removal means (40). A method is also disclosed for providing a hermetic seal on plastic containers using the closure and plastic container of this invention.




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