Appareil pour l'alimentation

Feeder apparatus



A versatile feeder (24) for use in an automated feeding system (10) of the type used to raise domestic birds and animals on a commercial scale comprising a pan member (38) for containing and presenting feed (32) for consumption, feeder tube means (36) disposed above said pan member (38) and connectible with a feed conveyor source (22), said feeder tube means (36) having upper (58) and lower feed (56) gates for directing feed (32) supplied to said feeder tube means (36) from said feed conveyor source (22) into said pan member (38), and rotatable collar means (60) surrounding said feeder tube means (36) for controlling a first feed flow directed through said upper feed gate (58) into said pan member (38) independently of a second feed flow directed through said lower feed gate (56) into said pan member (38). Associated wing members (62) may also be provided on said rotatable collar means (60) to prevent access to said first feed flow by said consuming birds and animals prior to the feed reaching a limited feeding area (37) defined within the pan member (38). The upper feed gate (58) may also be positioned in said feeder tube means (36) at a sufficient height relative to the pan member (38) such that feed (32) flowing from the upper feed gate (58) will develop a feed pile within the pan (38) having an angle of repose which will cause the feed (32) to spill beyond the pan member (38) and onto the surface (26) from which the birds or animals are feeding.




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