A bookbinding method

Verfahren zum Buchbinden

Méthode de reliure


A method of binding books (2) formed from signatures (3) piled into a stack (4), whereby separation of the signatures forming each book (2) is accomplished directly in the stack (4), comprises the steps of shifting a stack (4) of sewn-together signatures (3), feeding one signature (3) at a time to the stack (4) for augmentation of the latter, sewing the signature (3) fed to the signatures (3) in the stack (4) by a continuous thread (5a) row of stitches (5) having a plain stitch (8) section (6) and a looped stitch (9) section (7), cutting the thread (5) of one stitch (8) every set number of signatures (3) in a book (2), hooking one loop (9) every set number of signatures (3) in a book (2), drooping said loop (9), and having said loop (9) unravelled by shifting the stack (4).




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