Un appareil de séchage d'air

An air drying apparatus


An air drying apparatus, comprising a closed housing (1) with an air transfer space (4,5) defined therein, adapted for leading an air flow to be dried therethrough in a substantially vertical direction, and a disc shaped drying agent box (8) which is horizontally arranged in said space and divides said space into two separate chambers, said box (8) being adapted to be at least partially filled with a bed of a granular drying agent, which box (8) is fixedly arranged and is divided by means of radially directed partitions (10) into a plurality of compart­ments (11), said compartments (11) communicating, at the upper and lower sides of said box, with corresponding ports (13,13ʹ) in a wall (12) of said box (8), and means for shielding a por­tion of the drying agent being formed by a rotatable sliding valve assembly consisting of a hollow shaft (14) which is ro­tatably supported in the centre of the air transfer space (4,5), and is connected with a driving means, said shaft (14) being provided with a transverse median partition (10), and, more­over, is connected at its extremities with a supply and dis­charge (19,20) respectively for the regeneration air, and fur­ther consisting of two caps (23) at both sides of said trans­verse partition communicating with said hollow shaft, said caps (23) being adapted to close in a substantial air-tight manner one or more ports (13,13ʹ) in the wall (12) of the dry­ing agent box (8).




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