Vorrichtung zum Schälen von Zwiebelgewächsen

Dispositif pour peler des plantes à bulbes

Apparatus for peeling bulbous plants


An apparatus for peeling bulbous plants, such as onions, the apparatus consisting substantially of cutting means (36) for removing the tail and head of the bulb, incision means (5) for making an incision into at least the outer skin of the bulb, friction means (12, 13, 13ʹ) for removing the inci­sed skin and a conveyor for carrying the bulbs series-wise along these means, wherein said incision means (5) are formed by a number of incision discs driven for rotation disposed alongside one another, the common drive shaft of which ex­tends parallel, or virtually parallel, along a side of the conveyor, and that one or more filler bodies (7) are arranged between the discs, whereby the friction means consist of at least one brush (13) fitted or air jet 13ʹ along the other side of the conveyor, in order to considerably enlarge the capacity and reduce in proportion to the side of the appara­tus itself.




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