Dispositif thérapeutique lombosacré

Therapeutic lumbosacral appliance

Lumbosakrale therapeutische Einrichtung


A therapeutic appliance 10 for application to the lumbar spine which follows the contours of the iliac crests and overlies the sacrum and sacroilic joints as well as anchors below the posterior superior iliac spines of the human body including an external shell having a length sufficient to extend around the abdominal region of the body with fasteners at opposite ends of the shell and an air bladder (11) disposed on the shell. The air bladder has a plurality of air chambers including elongated air chambers (2, 3) which extend transversely to the longitudinal direction of the shell with lower ends thereof shaped to lie above the iliac crests, a lower longitudinally extending air chamber (4) and an anchoring air chamber (4a) between the longitudinally extending air chamber and the outer edge of the bladder, the anchoring air chamber (4a) extending arcuately from a central portion of the air bladder towards the opposite ends of the shell and positioned to lie below the posterior superior iliac spines to prevent upward riding of the therapeutic appliance when in place on the human body and to provide support for the sacroiliac joints. The appliance may also include belts on the outside thereof for tightening the air chambers against the wearer's lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints and pockets can be provided on the inside of the appliance for applying hot or cold packs to the back muscles of the wearer of the appliance.




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