Formvorrichtung für den Schleuderguss

Dispositif de moulage par coulée centrifuge

Casting frame structure of centrifugal casting machine


A casting frame structure of a centrifugal casting machine which comprises a hollow rotary drum (8) in which a concreteslurry charging space is formed, a rear-end plate (10) replaceably attached to the rear end of the rotary drum (8), a front-end plate (9) replaceably attached to the front end of the rotary drum (8) and having a feeder opening through which a concrete feeder (63) is inserted into the concrete-slurry charging space of the rotary drum (8), a plurality of outer frames (11) and/or a plurality of cores (12) which are mounted on the inner surface of the rotary drum (8) defining a plurality of concrete-slurry casting spaces there between each of which is open to the concreto slurry changing spaes The casting frame structure is subsquantially characterized in that at least a part of each outer frame (11) and/or each core (12) is movable in a direction away from an outer surface of concrete product to be produced in the concrete-slurry casting space and a plurality of outer frame positioning and fixing memebers (23) and/or a plurality of corresponding-and-fixing members (45,46,47) are disposed between the front end of the rotary drum and from end plate (9) as well as between the rear end of the rotary drum and the rear end plate (10).




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