Inhibiter rapid adding equipment applicable to UAN production and application method thereof



The invention relates to inhibiter rapid adding equipment applicable to UAN production and an application method thereof. The equipment comprises an inhibitor tank, a sealing top cover in matched connection with the inhibitor tank, an inhibiter inlet pipe arranged on the sealing top cover and communicated with the interior of the inhibitor tank, an inhibitor outlet pipe, an exhaust pipe, a compressed air pipe, and a liquid level meter arranged on the outer wall of the inhibitor tank in the axial direction of the inhibitor tank, wherein inlet/outlet valves are respectively arranged on the inhibiter inlet/outlet pipe; an exhaust valve is arranged on the exhaust pipe; a compressed air valve and a pressure meter are arranged on the compressed air pipe from the upper part to the lower part in sequence. According to the invention, the adding process in use is simple, convenient, quick and accurate, the operation is simple, complex power equipment and metering instruments are not needed, the production cost is reduced, and the production efficiency is improved.




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