Machining device for thermal insulation materials



The invention discloses a machining device for thermal insulation materials. The machining device comprises a temperature rising subpart, wherein the temperature rising subpart comprises a temperature isolation component adopting a cylindrical structure and an electric stove wire mounted on the surrounding inner wall of the temperature rising subpart; the machining device further comprises a temperature isolation subpart, a liquid helium import subpart and a helium export subpart, wherein the helium export subpart is mounted in a position consistent with the vertical coordinate of the liquid helium import subpart; the connected line between the central position coordinate of the liquid helium import subpart and the central position coordinate of the helium export subpart is intersected with the medial axis of the temperature isolation component adopting the cylindrical structure, so that the defects in the prior art that the service cycle of a longitudinal temperature rising container is shortened, and the use ratio of the machining device for the thermal insulation material is low can be effectively prevented.




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