Traditional Chinese medicinal pill for treating hysteromyoma



The invention provides a traditional Chinese medicinal pill for treating hysteromyoma. The preparation is prepared from the following raw material medicines by weight: 25-35g of amber, 85-95g of angelica, 55-65g of radix paeoniae rubra, 55-65g of trigone, 55-65g of curcuma zedoary, 40-50g of frankincense, 40-50g of myrrh, 5-7g of musk, 10-15g of borneol, 40-50g of honewort, 40-50g of pangolin, 55-65g of cowherb seed and 40-50g of gadfly. The traditional Chinese medicinal pill provided by the invention is combined by natural wild medicinal materials and is comprehensive in efficacy and excellent in curative effect, can directly act on lesions and target to the depth therapy of the lesions, in order to effectively remove myoma root. After being taken, the pill can diminish inflammation, sterilize, inhibit myoma growth, meanwhile perfect micro environments in wombs, balance internal secretion, comprehensively condition the functions of internal organs, continuously decrease the myoma until the myoma disappears, and can effectively eliminate reoccurrence after cure.




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