Preparation method of tea wine



The invention relates to a method for preparing plant-aroma wine, and particularly relates to a preparation method of tea wine. The method is specifically achieved by the following steps: firstly, adding deionized water to 96-degree superfine ethyl alcohol, and blending into 65 degrees; adding birch charcoal and leaves of betula platyphylla sukatcher, soaking, mixing a filtrate obtained by filtering with keemun black tea and a traditional Chinese medicine extract liquid, further adding deionized water, and blending into 40-42 degrees; and adding a certain amount of potassium chloride, carrying out secondary filtering, and ageing secondary filtrate in a stainless steel tank at 25-30 DEG C for 15-20 days, so as to obtain the tea wine. The tea wine prepared by the method is similar to amber, and mellow, has light black tea aroma, and has the efficacies of tonifying the kidneys and protecting the liver.




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