Hot forming machine of plastic cup cover



The invention discloses a hot forming machine of a plastic cup cover. The hot forming machine comprises a rack, wherein the rack is provided with a conveying unit for conveying a plastic thin sheet, a power driving unit for driving each device to work, and a panel control unit for uniformly regulating and controlling all the devices; an unreeling device, a drying box heating device, a mold molding device, a punching device, a blanking device and a waste material reeling device are sequentially arranged from the input side to the output side of the conveying unit; the unreeling device is used for unreeling a plastic coiled material to form a plastic thin sheet; the drying box heating device is used for carrying out heating softening treatment on the plastic thin sheet; the mold molding device is used for machining the plastic thin sheet into a cup-cover-shaped plastic thin film; the punching device is used for carrying out punching treatment on the cup-cover-shaped plastic thin film; the blanking device is used for preparing the cup-cover-shaped plastic thin film subjected to the punching treatment into a single cup cover finished product; and the waste material reeling device is used for carrying out reeling treatment on residual cup-cover-shaped plastic thin film waste materials. The hot forming machine of the plastic cup cover is simple in structure and convenient to operate; and the conveying of the plastic thin sheets between every two devices can be automatically finished by the waste material reeling device.




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