Method for controlling stony desertification through watercourse sludge



The invention discloses a method for controlling stony desertification through watercourse sludge. The method includes the steps that coal ash is added to the watercourse sludge to be mixed evenly, the mixture is placed indoors for 5-10 days, the water content is made to reach 45-70%, the mixture is made to be balls through a mold, roots of seedlings of pioneer plants are buried in the balls, and the balls are evenly placed to the stony desertification areas. The method has the advantages that a large amount of watercourse sludge is processed, the problem that environmental pollution is caused when sludge is dumped to seas or used for land filling can be solved, the problem that plants are difficult to plant due to soil depletion of the stony desertification areas can also be solved, resource utilization of the watercourse sludge is achieved, resources are saved, the environment is protected, and good social and economic benefits and wide application prospects are achieved.




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