Mitigating ghost signalling effects in radio systems



A method in a base station - and a base station, adapted for scheduling and receiving uplink transmissions from user entities, UEs, in a cell and further forwarding data related to such transmissions to a core network. The base station is being adapted for transmitting (506) an absolute grant signal on a control channel (E-AGCH) for a transmission time interval, for allowing a user entity to transmit an up-link transmission at a granted data rate on a corresponding transmission time interval (500). The method comprises the steps, for a transmission time interval on the control channel, of - if an absolute grant is scheduled (502), transmitting (506) the absolute grant; - if an absolute grant is not scheduled (502), investigating (504) whether at least one UE in the cell is configured for receiving on the control channel (E-AGCH), and if this is not the case, refraining (508) from transmitting (DTX); - if an absolute grant is not scheduled (502) and at least one UE in the cell is configured for receiving (504) on the control channel (E-AGCH). Moreover, the method comprises at least one of - the step of -transmitting (510) an absolute grant for a non-configured UE in the cell; and - the steps of -selecting (514) an arbitrary configured UE in the cell; and -transmitting (511) an absolute grant, which was previously transmitted at an earlier transmission time interval, to the selected UE.




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