Load balance calculation method for distributed database adopting cross backups



The invention relates to a load balance calculation method for a distributed database adopting cross backups. The method includes the steps that load balance of machines in a cluster is ensured when no machine in the initial cluster is damaged; after one machine is damaged, a request distribution mechanism is adjusted properly to ensure the load balance of the machines in the cluster; after several machines are damaged, if all data fragments ensure that more than one machine is available, the request distribution mechanism is adjusted properly, and the load balance of the machines in the cluster is ensured to the greatest extent. The load balance of the distributed database adopting cross backups can be ensured from the macroscopic angle and the angles of probability and coarseness, reasonable equally-shared load pressure of available machines is ensured particularly when certain machines are damaged, the situation that as certain machines are too high in load, more machines are damaged within a short period is avoided, and the problem of the cask effect is avoided.




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