Advanced dust-removing and demisting device



The invention discloses an advanced dust-removing and demisting device, and particularly relates to a dust-removing and demisting device which is suitable for saturated flue gas containing a great deal of fog drops. The advanced dust-removing and demisting device has a main working principle as follows: collision among fog drop liquid particles and between fog drop liquid particles and dust particles can be realized during high-speed motion of flue gas based on the characteristic that the flue gas contains a great deal of fog drops and liquid drops, so that larger particles are formed by agglomeration and then settle; the fog drop liquid particles and the dust solid particles are in full contact with a liquid-containing layer in the device, and then separation is realized by liquid trap; the fog drop liquid particles and the dust solid particles rotate at high speed along with the flue gas, centrifugal separation is realized by virtue of the density difference between the fog drop liquid particles and the flue gas as well as between the dust particles and the flue gas, and then the fog drop liquid particles and the dust solid particles are thrown onto the surface of the inner wall of the device and are removed after contacting a liquid film layer attached onto the wall surface of the device. The advanced dust-removing and demisting device has the advantages that efficient dust removing and demisting can be realized under the conditions of low running cost and investment cost; the device is simple and reliable in structure and free of a risk of blocking, and is also portable and safe.




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